Brunei Replica Copper Cent.

Early currency in Brunei included cowrie shells. Brunei is also famous for its bronze teapots, which were used as currency in barter trade along the coast of North Borneo.

Brunei issued tin coins denominated in pitis in AH1285 (AD1868). These were followed by a one cent coin in AH1304 (AD1888). This cent was one hundredth of a Straits dollar.
It was also the last coin to be issued before the introduction of the Straits Settlements currency was the ‘Duit Bintang’, otherwise known as the ‘Star coin’. It is called the Star coin because of the star imprinted on the front of the coin. It was minted in Birmingham, England, in 1887. It was made from copper.

Sultan Hashim Jalilul Alam Aqamaddin was the 26th Sultan of Brunei. He ruled Brunei from 1885 to 1906, and he issued this first copper coin for Brunei bearing the denomination 1 Cent and the Arabic date 1304 A.H. (1887).These coins were minted in the mint of Ralph Heaton and Sons,Birmingham, England..This was a major change from previous Brunei coins which were all minted from tin. The design of the coin featured a five-pointed star, prompting these coins to become better known as "Duit Bintang"(Star Cash).It's diameter was 29.00mm.

Country : Brunei
Year : 1304 (1887) Calendar : Islamic
Value : 1 Cent (0.01)
Composition : Copper
Weight : 9.33 g
Diameter : 28.83 mm
Shape : Round
Demonetized : yes
Obverse : Five pointed Star within a radially pointed circle,around which is the Jawi inscriptions "Belanja Perentah Brunei Satu Sen sanat 1304"Lettering : ١٣٥٤
Reverse : The figure '1' within a plain circle around which is the legend : "SULTANATE OF BRUNEI 1304"
Edge : Plain
Mintage: 1,000,000 pieces.

However, there were replicas. Two pieces of such coins were posted to me by Mr. Khairi Woods.
Replica? Obverse.

Replica? Reverse.
On 9th of August, I received a facebook personal massage (pm) from Mr. Khairi Woods.

"Thk you Mr Dickson for the Hari Raya greetings. I'm shy lah Mr Dickson. Whenver I find anything often I share only with close frens. As for the Fake Bintang no worries sending it to u on Monday by mail. It suface early 2012 at $50 to $80 each. Then it sky rocket to $200 per pc thus need to put a stop to this. I've informed Poh (Brunei Oldbanknotes) as he is the admin of Brunei Numis Club. Sudah terlalu ramai yg terkena. I send a sample to Hairani Daem, but not sure if he update geng MasDinar".
On 12th August 2014.

Pm from Khairi Woods: "Mr Dickson I've send 2pcs of Modern Brunei Bintang Pitis to you yesterday. Rgds. "

I replied to him, "Yes,just received couple minutes ago, will check it out. How much should I pay you.please convey my thanks to Hafiz Malik.
Rgds Dickson Niew."
He wrote," No cost Mr Dickson, for your research. Hope you can share the findings. I manage to get advice/opinion fr Mr Ishar before he pass away. I'll inform you of his replies. I'm meetin hafiz later again today. I'll pass him ur msg. Cheers. Have a gud day...".
Since then , I was busy doing my research on these two Brunei Cent, asking and checking around with sifus that I met.

Among sifus that I asked for help were Master Tan Tai Seng, Mr. Tony Au, Mr.William L.C. Barrett who is the author of " "Brunei and Nusantara History In Coinage", Tuan Haji Rani and King Miharbi.
Here are the conclusion. Firstly, the weight of these replica coins are lighter, there were weighed at 8.53gm and 8.69gm compare to the original weight of 9.33gm. Secondly, the details on obverse and reverse of the coin are not sharp, it shows a weak struck. The  Five pointed Star within a radially pointed circle on the obverse were blurred.  The Jawi inscriptions "Belanja Perentah Brunei Satu Sen sanat 1304"Lettering : ١٣٥٤ were crude in font.

On the reverse,the figure '1' within a plain circle around which is the legend : "SULTANATE OF BRUNEI 1304" showed some worn spot on the figure "1" but both replica coins were showing the same degree of worn.

Thirdly, the edge of these two coins were still showing lustre with no sign of nick and dent. It is too new at the plain edge but displayed quite a substantial worn on the obverse and the reverse.
Tuan Haji Rani and King Miharbi told me that there were rumors  said that these coins were minted "main-main" (for fun).

I am still not sure, is this a replica coin or a contemporary counterfeit coin, but definitely it is not an original Brunei Cent.

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