Perak Tin Clad Aluminium Gaming Token (1925)

I was given a chance by a very senior numismatist to inherit this dated 1925 Perak tin clad aluminium gaming token. He told me he collected this token and has been keeping it in his collection for more the 20 years. This token was found in Perak.

He told me it was a gaming  token that was used in gambling activities. When I showed to Master Saran Singh during his recent visit to Dickson Niew Collection shop at Subang Jaya, he said it can be a tally or Checks coin too.
On the obverse, it was designed with a  peacock in the center.(Some claimed to be a owl or a frog).It was surrounded with a fire like design on the inner ring and dotted design at the outer ring, the dotted design are resembled the peacock tails. It also struck with dentils on the rim.

On the reverse, the inscription is a figure "1" in the center of a circle, surrounded with dotted design that resembled the tails of peacock bird, floral design on the external ring. That is a ribbon designed at the bottom of figure "1". It means 1 Cent? That is no value indication.

This token has a collar die strike error. The error shows that it was a struck token.

More interesting to me on this token is on its obverse.  I saw the date "1925" under the peacock but on the stomach of the peacock, they are some wordings. I read the alphabets as "WEY" on the top layer but on the second layer, I am not so sure the group of alphabets means. It looked like "ZUNP", but what is the meaning?  I sincerely seek your opinion! Please share with me if you have some clues on this gaming token. Thank you in advance.

Weight: 5.32gm.
Diameter: 26.70mm.
Condition: UNC.


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