Straits Settlement (1907-09) Trial Silver Pattern Dollar Coin.
Rarity: Unique
Pattern coins were made as test coins during their developmental stages. They might represent the birth of a new issue, or an experiment with a new alloy.They usually are the coins never produced for use in commerce.

Pattern coins can be categorized as:
True Patterns: are used to test a design with the intention of using the coin for circulation.

Experimental Pieces: are usually variations of a coin, i.e. planchet thickness or diameter, shape or composition, etc.
Regular Die Trial Pieces: are regular issue coins struck in a metal other than used in their circulating variety. They are used for press setup or trying a new way to strike the coin. They are also used as inexpensive samples for study.

There have been many metals used in pattern coins. Some of them are: copper, copper-nickel, aluminum, brass, bronze, gold, nickel, lead, pewter, tin, steel, zinc and silver.

The trial pattern can be struck on both sides of the coin, or on just one side.
If it is struck on just one side, it is known as a “splasher”. Pattern coins are beautiful, rare and historically significant. They are real bargains when you consider their actual rarity. Pattern coins are an important part of the coin development process, and are rarer than any regular issue coin.

I was very lucky to be given the chance by Mr. AG to share with you about this very scarce Straits Settlement pattern dollar coin. It is a Uniface Silver Pattern or Die Trial for the Obverse of the Dollar. An Undated (1907-1909) Straits Settlement Silver Dollar with a diameter measured at 34mm.
This very scarce (the only piece known) Straits Settlement Undated (1907-1909),Uniface Trial Silver Pattern Dollar was auctioned at Balwin's London International Auction few years ago with a realized price of 3,220 pound (about RM16,000) as raw coin. Today, it worth many folds!


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