Thailand  Die Trial Struck, Pattern And The Original Coin (1971)


On 19-03-2011, I posted this article "Thailand Hub & Die Trial Struck", It is about a Die Trial Struck of a 1971,Thailand 50 Bath commemorative coin, i.e.:"IN COMMEMORATION OF 20TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE WORLD FELLOWSHIP BUDDHISTS ".(BE. 2493-2513), a silver coin, its regular issue was struck in 0.900 Silver.

On 18-06-2011, I posted a related article "Thailand Hub and Die Trial Struck And The Original coin (1971)", when I came across an original piece of this Thailand 50 Bath commemorative coin on first week of June.2011.

Now, I found  a pattern coin of this Thailand 50 Bath commemorative coin minted in copper material.

Hub Trials and Die Trials are usually uniface (struck on one side) impressions using either the obverse or reverse die. These Die Trials can be from finished or unfinished dies. These are deliberate strikes to test a certain design or example. Sometimes hubs are used, rather than the actual finished die. Metals other than the adopted composition are frequently used to strike hub trials and die trials. They are sometimes struck in copper and white metal. Other times they are struck in softer metals like tin or lead. There are even some examples struck in wax and on cardboard.

Technically hub trials and die trials are part of the pattern family. Many pattern enthusiasts have always wanted a hub trial or a die trial piece to go along with the specific type or denomination of pattern(s) that they collect. A new demand has emerged for hub trials and die trials.

Collectors of major mint errors are placing these in their collections because they are unusual, exotic and unique. Even though they are not mint errors, they are aggressively sought after by people who collect off-metals, broad strikes, uniface strikes and coins struck on larger planchets.


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