Malaysia 1st Series RM50 Specimen Banknote In Circulated Condition.
Two days ago, I received two images of our Malaysia 1st Series RM50 Specimen Banknote in circulated condition. There were delivered to me through my facebook private message inbox.
The anonymous sender from down South claimed that he acquired this banknote because of its special serial numbers. Its serial numbers is  A/1 000000. He asked me to comment.
The collector told me that he saw some traces of erased marks on the top left and right corner on the obverse side of the banknote. The banknote is in about very fine condition with at least four fold marks. There were many traces of foreign substances. It shows that it was badly circulated.

The  A/1  000000  prefix and serial numbers indicated that it must be a first series RM50 specimen banknote. The erased marks on the top left and right position on the obverse must be the position of the specimen control codes. However, the specimen control codes was erased with the intention that this RM50 specimen banknote can be used as normal circulation RM50 banknote.
This banknote makes me to recall a story that was told by my numismatic sifu on a RM500 "CONTOH" banknote.

Many years ago, a staff from the UMBC bank located in Yaohan The Mall in Kuala Lumpur found a piece of RM500 Malaysia banknote of an earliest series with a blurred countermark of "CONTOH"  (Specimen) on the banknote. She reported to her superior. Her superior saw the banknote and asked her to return to the suspicious customer. ( He should confiscates the RM500 "CONTOH" banknote and reports to the Bank Negara Malaysia).
It shows that the specimen banknotes are not popular at all during then. People will find ways to erase or do away the "CONTOH" countermarks or specimen control codes so that it can be used as normal banknotes.Will you do it now ?

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Special thanks to TTW for sharing!

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