Patani-Kelantan Gold Kupang (SS58) With "Fatty" Kijang's Tail Pointing Down.
Rarity: RRR/SS58

Finally, I received my long waited "Fatty bull/Kijang" Gold Kupang of Patani-Kelantan.with tail pointed downward.  It was coded with reference number SS58 in Master Saran Singh's book "The Encyclopaedia Of THE COINS OF MALAYSIA SINGAPORE AND BRUNEI 1400-1967".
My this "Fatty bull/Kijang" Patani-Kelantan Gold Kupang was found in Bangkok. It was a variety of a Patani-Kelantan Gold bull/Kijang Kupang with head facing left and its tail pointing downward. A crescent moon and sun above. But the interesting parts were, the bull/Kijang depicted with a fat body, no horn, instead from the top to the back of its head were surrounded with 4 dots, the mouth was attached with two dots, four legs were ended with dot and an other dot was located just below its fat body. There were all together with a total of 41 dots found on the obverse of this Gold bull/Kijang Kupang.
An other interesting feature found on this "Fatty" Kijang Gold Kupang was on the reverse. On the Arabic inscription " Al Adil" (The Just) in two lines, you can see an incused groove on a position which was resembled the fat body of the bull/Kijang displayed on the obverse of the gold coin.

Weight: 0.62gm.
Diameter: 11mm.
Edge: Plain.
Composition: Gold.

A very rare coin as the majority of the bull/Kijang Gold Kupang has the tail raised. This piece depict bull/Kijang with an extra large body with the horn in the form of dots and the reverse has the impression of a bull. In the book "The Legendary Kijang" published by our Money Museum of Bank Negara Malaysia, a total of 6 pieces of such type were in the Bank's collection.

To me, could it be this bull/Kijang is a female bull/Kijang with sexy lips, permed blond hair and likely she was pregnant. Ha! ha!

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