Patani-Kelantan Gold Kupang Kijang With 3 Legs
Rarity: Unique/SS54 b -Unlisted

This is one of my latest acquisition of a Patani-Kelantan Gold Kijang Kupang. This Gold Kijang Kupang is a unlisted variety.
The Kijang on the obverse was displayed with 3 legs only. It has no hump, no moon on the above, no salivary (ectoplasm) flows down from the mouth, no raised tail, instead it was struck with an open like a iridescent "tails" of a peacock.

I have seen Patani- Kelantan Gold Kupang Kijang with a band around the body, but on this Gold Kupang, the band was surrounded on the neck of the bull/Kijang.

On the reverse, it was with the Arabic inscription of  "Malik Al Adil". The "Al Adil" was the "triangle" variety. More common are the "rhombus" variety.

It was weight at 0.62 gram and with a diameter of 10.00 to 1.00 mm. Plain edge.

Tin Coin Album for sale.
Hard Cover. Size: 60 Coins. Export Quality
H:28cm X W:21.2cm X T:2.3cm
1 page X 12 coins X 5 pages.
RM58 per album. COD at :
Dickson Niew Collection Shop at Subang Jaya.
No.58, Jalan SS14/2, SS14, Subang Jaya, 47500, Selangor, Malaysia.
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