Gold Kupang Patani-Kelantan, A Nandi Bull ? Or A Barking Deer/Kijang?
Rarity:RRR/SS57 (b)
This is my first Patani-Kelantan Gold Kijang Kupang that resembled a barking deer.
Reverse: "Al Adil". A Triangle Variety.
In a book,"The Legendary Kijang" that was published by Bank Negara Malaysia, a version of story that told the origin of the Gold Kijang coins was linked to the influence of Saivite Hinduism. This is because the earliest issue of Kijang coins resembled the Indian humped-back bull. The bull motif was also depicted in the ancient Hindu coins which were circulated in the northern Malay States.
Weight: 0.60gm. Diameter: 0.90mm
According to the legend, the Nandi bull appeared in the hinterland of Palembang with a young prince on its back. The bull then vomited a kind of ectoplasm. Out of that, a supernatural being materialized and declared the young prince as King. The legendary prince was regarded as the first ancestor of the royal house of Malacca.
The story of the bull's vomiting may be seen in some of the Kijang coins.The ectoplasm (salivary) in the early issue of the Kijang coins is ornate compared to the later issue where the ectoplasm was only a straight flow appearing like a ball and chain.

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