UM ( Pahang) Professional Certificate In Numismatic Study (ProCINS) At UiTM 30-5-2015
Yesterday, they were 24 Malaysia numismatists (two new student from Bank Negara Malaysia) attended the very first Professional Certificate in Numismatic Study (ProCINS) class arranged by University Malaya (Pahang).

Yesterday we studied the second module lectured by Dato Shahruddin and third module was lectured by Dr. Ibrahim Bakar at Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Surveying at UiTM Shah Alam.

It was a very fruitful lessons. We learned a lot more about numismatic on modern coinage and Malay States Sultanate coinages.

Dr.Ibrahim was surrounded by his students to get his signature on his newly launched book on Malay States Sultanate Coinages.
The class was started at 9.00am and ended at 6.00pm. The 4th module and 5th module will be lecture by me on 25th July 2015.


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