Malaysia Parliament House Series 1983 50 Cents With Split Layer Planchet Error.
Rarity: RRR
Split Planchet After Strike usually depict full detailing.The result is usually a coin that is fully struck on one side with details and showing no striations,the other side will have a ghost of some design may or may not show a phantom strike due to pressure.

Split planchet errors are normally restricted to planchets comprised of a solid metal alloy including aluminum, bronze, nickel, & silver.
A split after strike planchet will always weigh less than a normal planchet. A fine to coarse striation pattern will be clearly evident on the face which splits away.

A Malaysia Parliament House series 1983 50 cent whose obverse face split off after being struck. Notice the reverse face has a strong strike. The entire Parliament House on obverse face is gone and instead only a muted,ghost image of the Parliament House building can be seen. This split layer error coin weight is 7.89gm (Normal: 9.33gm.), thickness is 1.59mm. ( Normal :1.90mm)
If the impurity is severe enough, it can case the planchet to split into two halves obverse and reverse. If the planchet splits before the strike, the resulting coin will be thin and have detail on both sides but often intermingled with rough striations from the impurities. If the planchet splits after the strike, one side will have full detail and the other side will be blank and have fine to coarse striation. In either case the coin will be thin.


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