Terengganu Sultan Sulaiman Badrul Alam Shah 1920-1942 One Cent (1920) Emergency Issue.
Rarity: SCARCE/SS23
On last Sunday, I was lucky to be given a chance by a senior Malaysian numismatist who was just came back from Australia, to view his collection of coins from various countries.
I was attracted to this Terengganu One Cent (1920) Emergency Issue tin coin. It is the only official Emergency Issue tin coin authorized by the British Government of the Straits Settlements.

It was equivalent to the official One Cent copper coinage from its date of issue in September 1920 until August 1921 when it was withdrawn.
It was reissued in March 1924 at the rate of 4 Terengganu Cents being  equal to 3 Copper Cents of the Straits Settlements until demonetized on 21st March 1934.
Counterfeits of this Terengganu One Cent (1920) Emergency Issue tin coin exist in lead which can be easily bent.
Obverse: Similar to SS18. Due to the urgent requirement, the earlier date 1325 A.H. (1907) and the initials "S*Z*A*". of (S)ultan (Z)ainal (A)bidin were retained even though he had died two years earlier in 1918.

Reverse:The figure "1", flanked by a star on each side and enclosed within a diamond frame, all within a dotted circle. A wreath of leaves in the border. The stars and diamond frame were new additional to differentiate from the earlier similar issue.

Weight: 5.998gm

Diameter: 29.00mm

Mintage: 1,000,000

Composition: Tin

Now, this brilliant uncirculated Terengganu One Cent (1920) Emergency Issue tin coin with " Unique Heart" variety design is in my custody. Cheers!

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