Johor Gold Kupang of Sultan Abdul Jalil III (1623-1677) Struck With Mas Die.
Rarity: RRR/SS14x
Recently, I have been looking at my collection of this Johor Gold Kupang of Sultan Abdul Jalil III (1623-1677), because I found that the size of the Arabic inscription on both the obverse and the reverse of this Gold Kupang are bigger in size then the usual Johor Gold Kupang.
The flan of the Gold Kupang is the usual Kupang's size. The weight is normal at :0.626gm, and the diameter is also at the normal measurement of :11.10mm. However the Arabic inscription of "Sultan Abdul Jalil Shah" on the obverse and  the " Khalifatul Muminin " on the reverse are much bigger in size compared to the other Johor " Sultan Abdul Jalil Shah " Gold Kupang.

Looked like the normal size of Gold Kupang's flan was struck by a Johor " Sultan Abdul Jalil Shah" Mas die. The Arabic inscriptions were extended beyond the edge of the Kupang's flan.
Normal Johor " Sultan Abdul Jalil Shah" Gold Kupang Arabic Inscription On The Obverse.

Normal  Johor Gold Kupang :" Khalifatul Muminin" Arabic Inscription On The Reverse

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