Malaysia One Dollar .1971.Minted In UK.
(Dickson Niew Collection)
Well known numismatist Mr Saran Singh, the author of world famous "THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE COINS OF MALAYSIA, SINGAPORE AND BRUNEI 1400-1967",mentioned in his book (second edition),our Malaysia very first One Ringgit copper-nickel coin was issued in the year of 1971. Weight:17.00gm, Diameter:33.9mm with total Mintage of 2,378,995 pieces.

However,500,000 pieces was minted by Royal Mint in UK.
Do you know how to differentiate a Malaysia 1971 one ringgit coin minted by Royal Mint of UK or Royal Mint of Malaysia?

Look carefully at the lettered edge wording-"BANK NEGARA MALAYSIA",those coins minted by The Royal Mint of UK,the wordings are very neat, clear and clean U-shaped incused grooves.Details on the field are of better struck and come with more eye appear lustre.

Whereas coins minted by The Royal Mint of Malaysia-Shah Alam factory are normally come with a thinner lettered edge wordings and less attractive lustre.

You need to compare the coin one by one and place side by side, look at the differences between them.
Here are some of the obvious differences:
Top Coin Minted In Malaysia.Bottom Coin Minted In UK.
          1)  Royal Mint of UK, with Clear and Neat Strikes on the Lettered edge.
2)  Royal Mint of UK,on the lettered edge,in the wording of "Malaysia",the alphabet "M" are different from the local mint.The center -V shape of the alphabet "M" are taller on the London Mint than the local mint.
3) Royal Mint of UK ,in the wording of  "Malaysia",the alphabet "S" are also different from the local mint.The alphabet "S" are taller on the London Mint than the local mint.


  1. Recently I have found the 50 cent coin 2005 very similar to the coins described above. When I was studying at the edge of a coin 2005, I noticed there were two types of letters are different, it is capitalized and one lettered small, and the letter 'S' in the word "Malaysia" is also about the same as well as written on $ 1 above . And at the Bunga Raya also have slightly different pattern design. Is the 50 cent coin 2005 same as well as $ 1 coins that has different mint?

  2. Dear Bonden,welcome your comments.In year 2005, I found there were 3 types of Die Varieties for Malaysia 50 Cents Bunga Raya Coin Series.Because a die is cater for only a few million times of strikes, and in the year of 2005,there were total of 691,680,006 pcs of 50 Cents Bunga Raya Coin were struck. Definitely, there were used more than one die.A new die may produced by different designer,hence,there will have some different in details.There are also possibility that it was minted by different Mint factory.

  3. In the future, can you tell more detail about the 50 cent coins 2005 with three kinds of die variety in your blog.? I still can not detect another type of die variety.

  4. Dear Bonden,
    Sure,I will post the Die Variety of the 50 Cents coins of year 2005 once I take a good and clear picture of them.Best regards.

  5. i think 1 sen and 50 sen of 2002 also got 2 different die variety.

  6. Yes!Boden,you are right.In the year of 2002,all denominations;i.e.1 sen,5 sen,10 sen,20 sen and 50 sen of Malaysia Bunga Raya Coin Series especially the petals of the hibiscus, are of different die design from the rest of the years (before and after).
    Most likely the dies in year 2002 were crafted by a different craft master.

  7. Hi Dickson,

    I was wondering if you could tell me if there is any value for the 1971 1dollar coin. And do i go to if there is?


  8. Dear Kimberly,
    Minted by Royal Mint in UNC,if in UNC condition,l will price it RM16.00,BU-RM25.00.
    Minted in Shah Alam KL.UNC RM6.00,BU-16.00.
    Please rephrase your second question.

  9. hai mr dickson,
    saya harap mr dickson dapat membenarkan saya menggunakan gambar dalam entri ini di blog saya......
    saya ingin menulis entri mengenai RM1 parlimen......
    terima kasih banyak2 mr dickson........

  10. DarkArtz,
    Ok!Kecuali untuk numismatik sahaja!

  11. Hi Dickson, I see you mention a possible value of up to 25 times face value for 1971 UK minted Malaysian Dollar in UNC condition. I recentley was given a gift of 50 pieces of this UK minted Malaysian dollar all in UNC condition. My question is...given that I have a set of 50 all in perfect condition should the whole sets value increase especially as only 500,0000 were minted and I would imagine getting 50 all in mint condition is so rare??

  12. Dear anonymous,
    Uncirculated=Recommended Selling Price:RM16.00
    Brilliant Uncirculated(BU),no scratches,no nicks,no bag marks is RSP RM25.
    This is not that rare,because most of the earlier dollar pieces minted in London Mint still in collectors hand,but BU in condition are not easy to find!

  13. All of my 50 coins are in perfect condition. The origional owner was very shrewd and I believe these are un circulated (BU) condition coins. As a future investment I have made sure to keep them protected in a coin catalog.I have inspected them very carefully under 10 x diamond loupe and find them to be in perfect condition with origional lustre. What should I expect them to be valued at given that the set is of 50 pieces and from the uk minted collection?

    Thank you in advance for your helpfull information. I expect to pass these down through my family for generations as a reminder of their heritage.

  14. Hi Anonymous,
    If in perfect BU condition,RSP RM25 per piece.

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  16. hi im kate from raub pahang, i have 1 cent coin nickle year 1971, can u tell me how much the price for this coin? thanks my phone 0129972778

  17. Anonymous,
    I must need to view the actual coin to verify

  18. i have rm 1 coin year 1971 London mint...can any one tell how much the price...

  19. i have rm 1 coin year 1971 London mint....how much price this coin...

  20. Hi, can i know the current market price for ONE RINGGIT YEAR 1971 MINTED IN UK ?

    Thank you.

  21. Hi amang labatta and Sandy R,
    RM15 for UNC.RM 20 for BU.
    Thank you for dropping by.

  22. Hi New, i am Segar. I would like to know if the 1985 $1 with the error of 2 stars and parliament is a real error or a purposely made error? If its a real error coin how much can it be sold for?

  23. hi Dickson. i have this 1971 coin and wanted to sell it. May i know if u have a shop, can i sell to u? TQ