The Different Between A Malaysia Broadstruck Errors And A Off-Center Strikes Errors.

Malaysia.One Cent.1984.
(Dickson Niew Collection)
Broadstruck errors are coins struck without the collar and are larger than than normal. Broadstruck errors come in all size from small to massive.
The collar is the third die in the striking processing. It is the collar that puts the lettering on the edge of the coin (BANK NEGARA MALAYSIA On Malaysia 50 Cents and One Dollar Coins) or  the reeding (Malaysia 5 Cents,10 Cents and 20 Cents). 
The collar floats freely around the planchet on springs. On small denomination coins, the collar is in two pieces and larger denominations, the collar is in four pieces.
This allows the pressure from the strike to push the metal into the collar, forming the rim. The lower die moves upward to eject the coin out of the collar after being struck by the dies.

Malaysia.2001.20 Cents.
Major Off-Center Strikes.Reverse.
(Dickson Niew Collection)
Off-Center Errors are coins that are struck off center. The more collectable off center errors will be dated and many look for example that are 50% off center.
This occurs when the planchet falls part way on the lower die and part way off the die. Since this is a random error, no two off-center coins are ever exactly alike.


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