Malaysia Parliament Series,1973 50 Cents,Collar Die Strike Errors.


A Malaysia Parliament Series,dated 1973 50 Cents without letters "BANK NEGARA MALAYSIA" impress on the edge.

Malaysia.1973.50 Cents.
Collar Die Strike Errors.Reverse.
(Dickson Niew Collection)

Without Lettered Edge.

I had in my collections,two pieces of Malaysia 50 Cents Planchet with lettered edge,"BANK NEGARA MALAYSIA" imprinted.

Malaysia.1973.50 Cents.
Collar Die Strike Errors.Obverse.
(Dickson Niew Collection)
So,most likely this 1973 50 Cents coin was not strike by the Collar Die to impress the letters "BANK NEGARA MALAYSIA"after the Rim-Upsetting process.


  1. Hi Dickson,
    Nice specimen you've here.
    It would make a matching pair if this is collected together with the other blank planchet struck with the BNM letterings along the edge.
    Thanks a lot, Dickson :)

  2. Dear whycollect,
    Mr.Saran rencently bought a piece of Malaysia Parliament series 50 Cents 1988 with similar Collar Die Strike Errors.
    Actually,I am still looking for a 50 Cents planchet without lettered edge!
    Is challenging.

  3. Hi Dickson,
    Yes, we haven't come across any of these too.
    The nearest we have found were blank planchet with BNM lettered edge and another minted 50sen without the lettered edge.
    Our best of luck to you, Dickson :)

  4. Hi dickson,is very difficult to find and own such blank planchet in circulation...I wonder...those who got that got it from the bank itself while changing the coins...Just my opinion...I also looking for that too

  5. Dear My-Way,
    Thanks for visitting my Blog.
    I was told by my sifu-sifu,those days,they will offer all posibble sources like bank cashiers,supermarket chief cashiers,stall traders,hawkers,money changers,canteen operators,ice-cream vendors,telephone company staff, etc,etc,an extra incentives for them to collect keydates or rare coins and error coins.
    You may try!Good luck!

  6. hai mr. dickson..
    very nice error..fakkahqarsh baru saja menemui error sebegini pada syiling 50 sen bunga raya tahun 2003..

    error yg mcm ni boleh tak berlaku pada syiling lain seperti 20 sen, 10 sen??
    thanks mr. dickson..

  7. Hi fakkahqarsh,
    Saya agak ceria kerana kamu dapat menemui error sebegini pada syiling 50 sen bunga raya tahun 2003.. Tunjuk kalau ada ka KL Raya ini!

    Error yg mcm ni jarang sekali berlaku pada
    syiling lain seperti 20 sen, 10 sen kerana milled edge nya dilakukan sekaligus bersama-sama penempaan muka depan dan belakang (obverse & Reverse) syiling 20 sen,10 sen dan 5 sen.
    Lettered Edge di atas syiling 50 sen telah dilakukan terdahulu sebelum penempaan obverse dan reverse nya,jadi ada kemungkinan ia terlepas dari kena lettered edge!

  8. Ok..thanks mr.Dickson..baru saya faham..ok,nnt bila saya ke kl saya akan ke kedai mr. dickson..masih byk perkara yang perlu saya belajar dan ingin saya tunjukkan kepada mr. dickson..

  9. Syiling 50 sen 1973 juga ada ditemui dengan die gouge error, tetapi die gougenya berbentuk petak.