Mr.Wong Hon Sum,the author of limited issued of very famous JIM notes book "THE JAPANESE OCCUPATION OF MALAYA (SINGAPORE) AND ITS CURRENCY",visited my Dickson Niew Collection Corner at Subang Jaya today.
He came to Malaysia yesterday with his wife. Upon checked in to a hotel in Jalan Bukit Bintang at 4.45pm,I brought them to Berjaya Time Square to meet my gurus at Bob Chew shop on 7th floor.
Among them were Guru Saran Singh,Guru Tan Tai Seng, Bob Chew, Mr.Chaw, Mr Darey Tan, Meng Aun etc.

This morning,I brought them to the famous "under the bridge" Bak Kut Teh in Klang. He told me this was the best Malaysia Bak Kut Teh that he had ever tried.

MGM Sabri and Mr.Wong Hon Sum.
We were in Amcorp Mall at paid a visit to Tony Lye,Ng  Ah Lee, Mr John Goh (Sibu Sarawak),Mr Sia, Mr.Lawrence,PJ Auction Mr. Chew, and I introduced him to my good Blogger friend Mr.David. Another Blogger came in to meet him by surprised, MGM Sabri. En.Sabri was very lucky to talk to him. Sabri asked him to authenticated his JIM notes and how to compare the different between a woven paper a normal paper.Sabri even got Mr.Wong to autograph on his JIM notes!

We proceed to my Dickson Niew Collection Corner in Subang Jaya at 1.30pm.We received visitors of my Blog followers. They brought a long their JIM notes book "THE JAPANESE OCCUPATION OF MALAYA (SINGAPORE) AND ITS CURRENCY" which they bought earlier from me  for Mr.Wong to autograph.

The first visitors were Mr and Mrs Yong who arrived at 2.00pm.Beside getting his JIM book authographed by Mr.Wong, he also brought along a few high grade China silver dollars for Mr.Wong to authenticate.

Next visitor was Mr Tan Wei How from USJ, he bought Mr.Wong's JIM book in Singapore and finally got it authographed by Mr.Wong in my shop,Malaysia.

My next visitor Mr.Ho,also came from USJ,a Malaysia Parliament and Bunga Raya series enthusiast.Only remembered me by 1995 50 Cents rare date.

Guru En.Adnan,who is having similar interest like Mr.Wong, collecting Northern Malay States and Southern Thailand tin coins,came in to collect his ordered items,was introduced to Mr.Wong.

All my visitors were having good chat with Mr.Wong,sharing Mr.Wong's experience in collecting JIM notes and learning from Mr.Wong ways of detecting counterfeit JIM notes.

Mr.Wong also autographed all others copies of my JIM books that  bought and booked by JIM notes collectors,keeping in my Dickson Niew Collection Corner waiting for his arrival.They were Lunaticg, Mr.Thomas Yap,MGM Sabri,Mr Heng,Mr.Kwan  and others.

Mr and Mrs Wong are leaving for Singapore tomorrow.


  1. Hi Sifu Dickson,
    That is my first time came to Amcorp Mall.
    Really excited meeting him and you at the first place.
    Really sorry coz can not come to your shop yesterday coz got headache.
    Will take the books as soon as possible.
    Many thanks Sifu Dickson.

  2. Hi Dickson,
    Wow, sure looks interesting with so many great numismatic minds getting together and sharing their vast experiences.
    One day, we hope we will be able to join you guys.
    Haha, got to admit we are rather obsessive in our hobbies which at times, have taken too much of our time even with proper time management.
    Haha, times are tough.
    So got to work a little longer and a little harder.
    As a result, we have to tone down most of our hobbies, at least till we are all retirees, haha.
    Hehe, then we would definitely wish that you would be kind enough to allow us to join your group, Dickson.
    Haha, when it comes to talking about hobbies...we would always start our conversations with our non-collector friends by asking how much time they have for us to allow us to explain those hobbies to them.
    Please keep up with the good work, Dickson.
    Hehe, the more the merrier :D

  3. Many2 Thanks Mr.Wong, for authentication and authograph on the Jim Notes.Waited for sooo... long for this moment!!..Cheerzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  4. Dear MGM Sabri,
    Happy to see that you met what as you wished!
    Best was you got your JIM Book and JIM notes authographed by him. Cheers!

  5. Dear whycollect,
    Please don't make me/us wait too long!
    The earlier the merrier!
    Although I had retired from my earlier business,I am more ,much more busy now with my hobby cum "NEW" business,NO off days,NO MC,NO annual leave,No office hours,BUT I really enjoy what I am doing now!No stress,NO presure,NO bad debts,NO reports,NO bank OD!Haha!

  6. Hi Dickson,
    Wow, really envy you la.
    Arg, still stuck with our work and projects.
    At least for a couple of years before we can say NO to all those headache things mentioned by you, haha.
    Got to agree with you that how nice we can just proceed with our passions without worries.
    Honestly, we are very happy that you are doing it now.