Wong Hon Sum.
Mr.Wong Hon Sum was born in Singapore in 1939.He completed his early education at Yeung Ching School and Chung Cheng High School in Singapore.He obtained his Technical Teacher's Training College and Singapore Polytechnic.He was awarded a Colombo Plan Scholarship in 1964 and completed a one year training at the Tokyo Vocational University.

Thereafter he taught for ten years before going into business.Over time he was passionate in collecting relics relating to war,i.e. currencies,propaganda leaflets,matchbox labels and postcards,etc.

In 1998,he incepted and headed the Numismatic Society (Asia) and the Phillumenic  Society (Asia) in Singapore.He fields of interest include:the currencies and finance of the puppet regimes in China under the Japanese and those of the Pacific War,Old Asian,Chinese and Japanese matchbox labels,their histories and interpretation of the drawings are also his passions.

He published :'The Japanese Occupation Of Malaya (Singapore) And Its Currency' in 1997.
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