Malaysia Bunga Raya Series 2005 20 Cents Wrong Metal Error Coin With Rim To Rim Die Crack And Partial Collar Strike Errors.(3 In 1)

A Wrong Metal Error is struck on a planchet intended for a denomination of a different composition. This includes a Malaysia 10 Cents cent coins struck on a One cent planchets, 20 cents on a copper planchet , and higher denominations with bigger planchet struck on smaller planchets of different metal.
Malaysia.2005.20 cents.Wrong Metal Errors.Obverse.
Sometime,Wrong Metal Errors occurs when a planchet intended for a foreign nation's coinage is struck by dies for a Malaysia coin.This is highly sought by collectors. 

Malaysia.2005.20 cents.Wrong Metal Errors.Reverse.
Partial Collar Strike Errors would happen when the planchet is not being held completely by a malfunctioned  collar die on the shaft of the anvil die. 

The Rim To Rim Die Crack Errors occurred on the reverse of this coin.The cracked line started at 10 o'clock position, cracked through the center of the coin and ended  at 3 o'clock position.

Edge:Partial Milled Edge
Thickness: 1.40mm.(Normal: 1.75mm)
Planchet Composition.: Copper Clad-Steel.
Attracted to Magnets.


  1. Hi Dickson,
    Wow, a 10sen struck on a 1sen planchet is already rare.
    This 20sen struck on a foreign planchet must be even more rare.
    Always love to see error coins which resemble yet another well struck coin like the 20sen wrong planchet error here.
    Congratz Dickson :)

  2. Hi Mr Dickson,
    My dream coin! This coin is very very suitable to fit together with my 10sen on 1 sen coin. The RTR Die Crack gives extra beauty to it. Nice catch!

  3. Hi whycollect,
    The best thing on this error coin is, it is still in almost BU condition.Very Rare!

  4. Hi mnfaj,
    Thsi is my second piece of same date with similar error except the RTR Die Crack Errors!

  5. Yes, its magnificent, Dickson.
    Happy to know its in good hands :)

  6. If only we can trace it back on which planchet this coin was wrongly struck of. :D

  7. Mnfaj,
    I am still doing my homework!

  8. Hi dickson,
    I'm still looking for which country coin with copper planchet accidentally struck with our 2005 20cents. Any idea which mint factory produce our coins in 2005?

  9. Hi Anonymous,
    In 2005, I believed our Mint is still under Royal Mint Shah Alam which was a private entity.
    After they surrendered their business to BNM,I think it is not easy to trace their records of their customers.I will still try, I promised!

    1. Thanks Dickson..
      Actually i did search high and low in Google,but aint got any clue on this..
      Personally i dont think the mint will disclose their customer's database for confidentiality reason..
      Hopefully this matter can be resolved someday so that we know which country coin was actually mixed with our 2005 20 cents and resulted in this magnificent masterpiece..