Malaysia Bunga Raya Series 2011 20 Cents With "Diamond Cut" Edge.

An Ideal Cut diamond, as it is called, is a round brilliant diamond that has been cut to a specific set of proportions.These proportions were calculated to create the best possible balance of brilliance and  light dispersion.
Beside the Idea Cut, there are  Deep Cut; Fine Cut; Shallow Cut; Magarin Cut,Peruzzi Cut, Old European Cut.............
Malaysia. 20 Cents. Diamond Cut Edge.Reverse
Malaysia. 20 Cents. Diamond Cut Edge.Obverse

This Malaysia Bunga Raya Series 2011 20 Cents, it's edge is with what type of  "Diamond Cut" ?

From Different Angles.
It's  full edge exhibits brilliant and beautiful light dispersion.
It doesn't looks like a Post Mint Job (PMJ) or Post Mint Damaged (PMD) coin to me.
When I took a more details looked at the edge, it shows that the planchet was already with the "Diamond Cut" design element before it was milled.
But how it was formed?


  1. Hi Dickson,
    We noticed these 'diamond cut' edges are quite common among the bunga raya 50sen coins.
    Yes, they too do not look like PMDs because the incused lettering on the cut sections are as sharp as those lettering on the uncut sections.
    Interesting features.
    Thanks a lot for sharing, Dickson :)

  2. Hi Mr Dickson,
    Selama ini kita banyak memberi tumpuan pada bahagian muka dan belakang syiling menyebabkan bahagian sisi seperti ini terabai.depankanta juga ada menyimpan syiling ciri2 yg sama seperti ini.
    Jika pada die atas dan die bawah boleh terjadi macam2 kerosakan tentu collar die juga akan rosak dan menghasilkan sisi syiling spt ini.

    Depankanta bersetuju syiling ini adalah mint error dan sekiranya diasah atau diketuk tentu meninggalkan kesan yg dapat dilihat.

    Tahniah dan terima kasih banyak2 Mr Dickson...

  3. totally over look the side.
    Must say i also notice some of the coin is like this. perhaps i should keep some.

  4. Hi whycollect,
    It looked like those "Diamond Cuts" were formed before the milled.A planchet errors.

  5. Hi depankanta blogspot,
    Tengok depan,tengok belakang,tepi kena tengok juga eh!
    Interesting juga dapat error macam ni !

  6. Ghost Lim Hooi Yew,
    Good luck !

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