Malaysia Parliament Series 1982 5 Cents Coin With Straight and Curve Clip Errors.


Yesterday,my Sifu called me to inform me that he found a very unique planchet errors coin from his long keeping collection,since I am a "error" man, he wanted me to inherit his "private" collection.

It is a Malaysia Parliament House Series 1982 5 Cents coin.When I received the coin from him, I saw a Curve Clip Error coin, the curve clipped is at 10 o'clock on the reverse. I was just about to ask why it is so unique, he asked me to flip over to the obverse side of the coin, I saw a Straight Clip Error at 2 o'clock position.I flipped back to the reverse, is a Curve Clip, flipped over to obverse is a Straight Clip error.I looked at him,he gave me a " unique" smile.

The Curve Clip Error occurs when a blank is punched out from an area of strip that overlaps a hole from where a blank was previously punched out.

A Straight Clip Error takes place when the planchet for a coin is stamped from an end of a roll of metal being used.

But I am still puzzle on how can this coin having both the straight and curve clips simultaneously. 


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