Malaysia Parliament Series 1973 50 Cents Coin With Strike Through Errors.


I found a piece of Malaysia Parliament 50 Cents coin with Strike Through Error Coin which is very similar to a piece of  Malaysia Commemorative $1.00 Coin With Strike Through Errors which I published on 13-03-2011.

Amageddon Strike
Malaysia Commemorative $1.00 Coin With Strike Through Errors
A Struck Through mint errors is sometimes called Filled Die mint errors because the coin and the die have a foreign object in between during the strike.

Debris, (which can build up around machinery), made up of grease, oil, metal filings, etc., may work itself into and cover the dies. When this occurs it can fill certain areas of design and prevent those areas from being struck up on the coins the dies are striking.

1973 50 Cents Obverse
Thanks To Stewart Tan Say Liew.
In this case we can see that the obverse was the recipient of obvious Strike Through Errors, likely it was a struck through filings that were  accumulated on the dies.The affect areas are from 12 o'clock to almost at 3 o'clock position.The weight is 9.38gm instead of the normal weight of 9.33gm, it could be some of the filings were embedded on the coin.

1973 50 Cents

The reverse of the coin was not affected and is very well struck. Generally, ones like this are considered fairly major.
1973 50 Cents Reverse

While we are on the topic of Strike-Through errors we might just as well look at an other type of Strike-Through error that we see a lot of are the Struck-Through-Lint errors found on proof and proof like coins. Because the dies used to strike proof and proof like coins are routinely wiped clean with a rag from time to time, there is an opportunity for lint to be left behind on the dies. This is what happened with this Malaysia Commemorative Of 20th Anniversary Of  Bank Negara RM1.00 coin.

Malaysia Commemorative Coin
Strike-Through-Lint Errors
Malaysia Commemorative Coin
Strike-Through-Lint Errors
Malaysia Commemorative Coin
Strike-Through-Lint Errors

These are generally minor and do not attract much attention from error collectors, but are nonetheless, fun to find.
1969 50 Cents
1969 50 Cents

A note of caution: this type of error does not add value to a scarcer date coin and proof coin. It actually can detract from its value. For example, if this Malaysia Parliament Series 1969 50 Cents was of the more valuable version, many collectors would avoid buying it at full value and it might only be able to be sold at a discount.


  1. Hi Dickson,
    Nice strike throughs you have got here.
    Love everyone here including your minor 69 strike through.
    We are still trying or rather hoping to collect a complete set of these minor strike through for the 50sen parliament series, haha.
    Thanks a lot for sharing, Dickson ;)