Forgery Japanese Meiji Silver Trade Dollar 1877.

Meiji 10 Years

This Japanese Meiji Silver Trade Dollar coin was issued in 1877 (the 10th year of Meiji period). This silver coin was issued for foreign trade (like Trade Dollar of USA). Coin was mined in silver of 900 fineness and has weight 26.96gm-27.22 gm

Some coins have Japanese "Gin" countermark ("Silver" in English). All these coins are very hard to find in high grade.

Meiji 10 YearsMeiji 10 Years

I know most existing ones are copies and are easily identified by their insufficient weight. This one is 38.6mm in diameter and weighs 26.9gm, but it is a forgery coin.

Meiji 10 Years
Meiji 10 Years
Meiji 10 Years

The counterfeiters are making better counterfeit coins by filing the coins to the exact weigh, so we must be more careful on authenticate these coins.We should not just taking the weigh,we must use all
"factor elimination" to check a silver coin.


  1. there was 2 minting factory that was recorded , but when refer to some journal from japan,there actually 3 minting factory mint this coin. no further detailed found on this factory.