Malaysia Parliament 1968 10 Cents Coin With "1921" Countermark.

Today, Mr.Tai from Kula Lumpur visited me while I was having lunch with a numismatist at TJ Restaurant in Subang SS18.

He was introduced by Mr.Wee, an antique collector from Subang Jaya to visit me to authenticate 5 pieces of coins belong to him. Among that 5 pieces, this Malaysia Parliament 1968 10 Cents coin caught my attention.

Poat Mint Errors
Post Mint Errors

It is a coin with a very unique "1921" countermark chop on the obverse of the coin, just right underneath the Parliament House.The same position on the reverse showed a dent. It was a well done job! Mr. Tai told me  this coin was his late father collection.

Post Mint ErrorsPost Mint Errors

I have no clue at all on why this chop mark was struck on this coin? What is the purpose of having this chop mark? What does the "1921" means? Who did it? When was this being done?Where it was being done? And how it was being done?

Countermark, Post Mint Errors

Someone please help!


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