Sunday Flea Markets Flooded With Forgery Error Coins.

On 12th June 2013, I published an article on a piece of  "FORGERY DOT ON 1982 5 CENTS" coin that I found at a famous Sunday flea market in Kuala Lumpur. I visited the same venue again yesterday,I saw dealers are selling more varieties of forgery error coins.There are ranging from 1988 50 cents with "DOTS", 1982 5 cents with "DOTS" and even created some forgery "Split Planchet Before Strike" errors, "Die Trial Strike" error coins.

These unscrupulous caveat emptors welded a "Dot" on the 1988 50 cents coin's Parliament building and removed the burnt mark by polished the whole coin.They polished planchets of Malaysia Parliament Series 50 Cents from various dates until there were thin in thickness, so that the dealers can sell them as "Split Planchet Before Strike" errors, "Die Trial Strike" error coins to fool the error coins enthusiast newbies.

There are also many artificial toned coins for sale in the Sunday flea market as well. These dealers sold them for RM40 per piece.I believed that these artificial toned coins were made by using chemical or "toasted" with oxyacetylene flame.There were toned in purplish blue and golden colour.Those toned coins were mostly the Bunga Raya series of common dates in uncirculated condition.

Dealers claimed that their "stocks" were supplied by a "Malay Boy".

I was not allowed to take photo on those forgery items.


  1. look very serious with so man fake one.

  2. This is really saddening as a collecter, when we see more and more fake coins and fake error coins going around. I am sure if this goes on, future generation will be "playing" with fake coins only..

  3. Hi Kantha Rao,
    I will suggest you take up the challenge to better equip yourself and help to educate the rest how not to be cheated by these unscrupulous dealers and suppliers.

  4. candycoatedsugarmanJune 27, 2013 at 12:49 AM

    Sifu mind telling where these particular dealers are??? At least new collectors will learn. They r killing this hobby

  5. Hi candycoatedsugarman,
    I always tell newbies, do home work first before start you shopping spree.
    Golden rules to detect forgery:
    Too cheap to be true.
    Too many to be true.
    Too new to be true.