Forgery Dot On Malaysia 1982 5 Cents.-Updates
Malaysia Parliament House Series or the 1st series Malaysia coin dated 1982 5 Cents coin with extra "Dots" on Parliament House die gouged error coins  are priced RM150/UNC and RM200/BU respectively as listed in Standard Catalogue of Malaysia Singapore Brunei Coin & Paper Money 20th edition by Mr.Steven Tan.But the current market are pricing this extra "Dots" 5 cents coin at RM200/UNC and RN250/BU.
Genuine 1982 5 cents coin with extra "Dot"on Parliament

On 28-5-2012, I posted an article about a counterfeit  1982 5 cents coin with extra "Dot"on Parliament House. It was formed by a punch on the Parliament House, around the 'Dot' is an incused circle.

Last Sunday, I was given another piece of Post Mint Job (PMJ) 1982 5 cents coin with extra "Dot"on Parliament House coins. Those unscrupulous caveat emptors are trying their luck again.This time they welded a "Dot" on the Parliament building and removed the burnt mark by polished the whole coin. However, it was done poorly, the "mould" is too big and the finishing is badly done.

For more details, you may also visit this post in my Blog:


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