Malaysia Bunga Raya Series 1994 20 Cents Coin With Mechanical Die Doubling Variety

1994 20 Cents Key Date

Mechanical Die Doubling (MDD) is probably the most common form of doubling on Malaysia coins and the form of doubling most often confused with doubled dies, especially by those just getting started with collecting die varieties, that's including Dickson Niew.

1994 20 Cents Key Date

1994 20 Cents Key Date

The obvious characteristic of mechanical doubling is that the secondary image (doubling) has a flat, shelf-like appearance. Mechanical doubling is the result of loose parts in the coining press. These loose parts allow the dies to shift slightly at the moment of impact when the coin is being struck. This slight shifting of the dies is what causes the flat, shelf-like appearance of mechanical doubling. The loose coining press parts result from the continuous pounding of the presses as they strike coin after coin, and from wear on the coining press parts. To repair the problem of  Mechanical Doubling, all the technicians have to do is grab their tools and tighten up all of the loose parts in the coining press. As soon as those loose parts are tightened, the doubling no longer occurs. This form of doubling is quite common with numerous examples being produced on all denominations every year. Some serious doubled die collectors view this type of doubling as a form of damage to the coin rather than a collectible form of doubling.

1994 20 Cents Key Date


  1. Hi Dickson,
    Nice MDD specimen you got here. Looking at the tail of the number "2", I think it has triple doubling.

  2. Hi Dickson,
    Are you sure your hands were not shaking when you took these pictures?
    They seem to look like that to a non-collector, haha.
    Though they are not considered as varieties or errors, somehow we still like to collect them.
    Still look like oddities to amateur collectors like us, haha.
    At times, we seem to see more than double images like your specimen here.
    Thanks a lot for sharing, Dickson :)

  3. Hi mnfaj,
    Mr.MDD,nasib baik saya post item MDD ini,kalau tidak tak nampak hidung muka kamu muncul! haha!
    Yes, I missed to high light the triple doubling at the
    chest and tail of the number "2",thank you for sharing!
    Hope to see you at MNS Auction 152 this coming Sunday.(24-06-2012). Please apply your "road tax permit" ASAP!

  4. Hi whycollect,
    I confirmed my hands were not shaking when I took these pictures,I think the coin shook when I photographed him.Haha!
    I like to collect them as well.
    Happy Sunday!

  5. Hi Mr Dickson!
    Puas saya cari syiling 20sen MDD pada kacip. Saya ada syiling serupa. Nak buat perbandingan.
    Saya perasan pernah terbaca post tentang syiling tersebut di blog Mr. Dickson. Saya nak tahu di ruangan mana sepatutnya saya cari.
    Boleh tak bantu saya....?

  6. Hi Mr. Dickson!
    Saya telah temui jawapan pada syiling (20 sen 2007) MDD pada kacip. Rupa-rupanya ia adalah syiling DD yang begitu cantik!.