Johore Sultanate Kupang (Gold) Coin 1527/8-1564

Rarity: Unique (SS2)

This is a piece of Johore Sultanate Kupang (Gold) coin, it was struck in octagonal shape;plain edge;weight at 0.57gm and with a diameter of 10.9mm.

On the obverse, it was struck in  Arabic "Sultan Ala'uddin" and "Khalifatul Muminin" (Ruler of the faithful-i.e. of the religion of Islam) on the reverse.

It was graded unique because this Kupang (Gold)  was struck by a Mas (Gold) dies on a Kupang (Gold) planchet or it was struck as a Mas (Gold) coin and trimmed down to a Kupang (Gold) size.

The word "Muminin" was written in a different font.


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