Errors In Encapsulation On Grades And Inscription By NGC.
Since end of last year (2013), I started to receive complaints on the standard of grading by NGC on Malaysia modern coins. It seems they are more "relax" on the grading on Malaysia Parliament House  series (the first series) and Bunga Raya series (the second series) coins.

I experienced coins graded by the committee members of authentication of Malaysia Numismatic Society as about extremely fine (AEF) to about uncirculated (AU) and were auctioned in Malaysia Numismatic Society were later graded as MS63 and MS64 by NGC.

Many coins that have been treated or cleaned were also received grades as gem uncirculated condition (MS65 or MS66).

Today, I received 3 pieces of NGC graded coins that were misplaced in the wrong capsule. I wonder how it could happened.

A piece of 1941i Malaya British Borneo Cent was encapsulated in a capsule with a label of  1967 Malaysia Sen MS 64 BN.

A piece of 1967 Malaysia copper sen was placed in the capsule of 1948 Malaya 20 Cents MS65.

And the capsule with a label of 1941i Malaya Cent MS 63 BN was inserted with a 1948 Malaya British Borneo 20 cents coin.

I would like to advise those who are very fond of encapsulated coins, please check the grades, inscription and coins thoroughly before acquiring them. Good luck.

I also wish the NGC grading company will be more stringent and improve their standard of grading service.


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