"Gold" Umbrella Type Half Pitis (Half Cent) 1285 A.H. (1868) of Brunei.
SS48 (X)

The first pitis issued in Brunei with a definite date was issued by Sultan Abdul Momin, who ruled from 1853 to 1885. The principal composition of metal of this coin is lead with some tin content.

On the front, the coin shows the (yellow) State Royal Umbrellas and other Brunei state insignia surmounted by the Sultan's (Yellow) flag facing left with the wing of four feathers "Sayap" below. ( The Sayap is a traditional symbol of the duty of the State to protect tranquility, justice, peace and prosperity).

On the reverse of the coin also has an inscription in Jawi "Inilah titah Pitis belanja Negeri Brunei Sanat 1285" ( This is the Pitis currency of the State of Brunei year 1285 1285 A.H.=1868) or translated as "By order of the State Financial Administration of Brunei, in the year of the Prophet 1285".

The year of the Prophet 1285, or 1285 Hijrah (AH 1285), is the date according to the Islamic calendar and it corresponds to AD 1868. The coins were of two denominations - ½ and 1 pitis.

I checked through the "Brunei and Nusantara HISTORY IN COINAGE" By William L.S. Barrett and Master Saran Singh's book " The Encyclopaedia of THE COINS OF MALAYSIA SINGAPORE AND BRUNEI 1400-1967", they are no mention of this Brunei Umbrella type Half Pitis or Pitis 1285 A.H. has ever struck in gold.

This Brunei "Gold" Half Pitis was shown to me by the same senior numismatist from down South. He has the same doubt on the authenticity of this "gold" coin. To find out more details about this coin,  I consulted Master Tan Tai Seng (PNM),  he did told me about the story behind, but without a concrete evident and proof, I will not disclose any details until more evidence are available.


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