Gold Pitis Brunei Of Sultan Kamaluddin 1710-1730 and 1737-1740.

Virtually all the Pitis of Brunei coins during the period of Sultan Kamaluddin are made of tin and lead alloyed and are relatively small in size, and bear the motif of a cat. The local people called it as "Kuching Mas" (Golden Cat).

What amazed me is this Brunei pitis was made in gold. If we referred to Master Saran Singh's book, "The Encyclopaedia of Malaysia Singapore and Brunei 1400-1967", all pitis in Brunei were made of tin and lead alloyed. I wondered why this coin was produced in gold.

When I took a closer looked at this gold pitis, the design of the "Kuching Mas" was not neat, the font of Arabic wording inscription on the reverse were weird. The field on the obverse and reverse of the Pitis were with full of spots. It resembled the characteristic of a casted coin, the "sand holes"!

Obverse: A cat with tail erect facing right surrounded by a circle of dots.

Reverse: In Arabic " Sultan Kamaluddin, Malik Al Dzahir" ( Sultan Kamaluddin, the Acknowledge Ruler).

Edge: Plain.

Weight: Sorry, didn't bring a long my digital weighing scale machine.

Diameter: N/V

Code: Similar to SS3A


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