Forgery Malay States Sultanate Tin Primitive Money Are Rampant....!!
In my yesterday BlogSpot "FORGERY KEDAH TIN COCKEREL & TERENGGANU TIN MONEY TREE ARE MORE RAMPANT ", I said I was suggested by Mr. Alam Tunggal NurPutih to sock the suspicious items with olive oil for a few days. Then he told me to use a brush to clean the items. If the items are forgery, the outer layer will be soften and can be removed easily. The inner part is a skeleton of a cockerel that was made of lead. The outer layer is likely to be coated with fine sand.
But yesternight,  Mr. Alam Tunggal NurPutih is very kind enough to give us a feed back that he found on these forgery Malay States Sultanate Tin Primitive Money. He said on the big size Tin Cockerel " ayam Kedah "- the olive oil test will not reveal anything.
It is because this type of forgery Malay States Sultanate Tin Primitive money is using "3 second" super glue mix with river mud, the mud will create a larger and ticker "ayam" and "coins" - its been a while in the market and even was sold way back to 2003. When the forgery tin coin is coated, the mud will stick to the beneath, lead based skeleton like cement, it is very hard and will not be soften even soak in the olive oil for many days.
If the forger is using the method of 3 sec glue - to test its authenticity, you need to heat up the item, it will create a very discomfort, stink smell - just like we burn the glue.

Although the heat test is very effective but provided the seller/owner is willing to allow you to test by using the method. Said a collector, he damaged the surface of some of his genuine coins even he was just using a lighter. So there is a suggestion, you  can scratch out a bit of the "cement" and do the heat test by torch it with a jet lighter, then put off the fire to smell the smoke.
Using this method of making a fake tin coin or item was discovered in 2014 - while the items were sold in the market since 2003.
According to Muzium Matawang Nusantara, there were already more than 50 such forgery tin coins and tin animal money surfaced on the market. It will definitely have a bad impact on Penang emergency coins as well.
A very special thanks to Alam Tunggal NurPutih ,James Soh & Muzium Matawang Nusantara for your very good comments! Cheers!!


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