Forgery Malaysia Parliament House Series 1969 Milled Edge 50 Sen.
While celebrating the discovery of a piece of the PCGS MS66 1969 50 Sen without security edge, Malaysia Parliament House Series, I was being approached by an anonymous caveat emptor to put his brilliant uncirculated (BU) Parliament House Series 1969 50 Sen milled edge (ME) or without security edge into our Collectibles Auction Asia (CAA) No.7/2016, which to be held on 23rd April 2016 in Singapore.

The caveat emptor has showed me in photos of 1967, 1968 50 sen ME as well. All his 50 sen ME coins are in BU condition.
One of my customer had bought a piece of 1969 50 sen ME in BU condition for RM3,000.
I told him this is " too cheap to be true", condition is in sparkling shine glaring bright, it is "too new to be true" and this is the second piece of 1969 50 sen ME that came to my attention in just within couple of days, it is "too many to be true". My conclusion to him was it is a forgery 1969 50 sen ME coin.
To double confirmed my conclusion, I asked him to allow me to weight his coin, it was 9.50 gm in weight. (normal : 9.33gm).
The rim are obviously deformed. The details on its field are roughed. No sign of toning or aging, always in sparkling shine. The reed edged is very sharp and not uniform milled.

Two years ago, the caveat emptor forged the 1967,68 & 69 50 sen ME coins by filled up the groove of the security edge of a original coin and milled them again. Now, they forged the whole coin by using pressure casting method or even coin minting process.

If you have any clues of who is the caveat emptor, please report to the Currency Department of Bank Negara Malaysia.


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