Malaysia Assisted Error Coins.


Malaysia.2007.51 Cents.
Assisted Errors.Obverse.
(Dickson Niew Collection)

Assisted  Error Coins are error coins that are produce not under the normal mint process.It is being produce with the help of mint worker by feeding the planchet into the mint press manually.

The size of the planchet of an assisted error coin is always bigger then the actual size for the intended denomination.

Malaysia.2007.51 Cents.
Assisted Errors.Reverse.
(DIckson Niew Collection)

During the minting process,the feeder finger that supplies blank planchets to the press, only fit to holds the actual size (or smaller sizes) of planchets for the intended denomination,any planchets bigger in size then the feeder finger can fit will be rejected.

There are instances there claimed to be Die Test and Die Trial coinage.

I collected this 51 Cents  Assisted Error Coin as specimen for my research.

Malaysia.2007.50 Cents.Assisted Errors.


  1. Hi Dickson,
    This article we believe is a very important reference for most of the amateur error coin collectors like us.
    In fact, we have encountered quite a number of these assisted error coins on sale in the market.
    And they were by no means cheap.
    So far, we considered ourselves lucky because of our suspicion though we were not certain what caused them to be in their highly abnormal states until you put forward this article.
    Just like the bottom example that you've shown here...its impossible to figure out how it could be minted like that by the machine alone.
    Thank you so much, Dickson.
    You going to help us and other collectors save a lot of money, haha.
    Cheers :)

  2. Thank you Whycollect.
    Yes,at one time,there were a lot of mint errors flooded the market.Some were assisted errors, some were made to order and there were some good genuine mint errors 'came out'at the same time.Those good genuine errors can collect as a specimen for research or to complete your mint errors collection.

  3. That pix with the 50sen with Triple Strikes used to belong to me!

  4. Dear malayastraitsbanknotes,thank you for your replied.Good to find the owner of this coin.Best regards.

  5. Hi Mr Dickson,
    Very Good information... btw, I have 1 coin 50 cent 1967 and at other site shown 1985... not sure whether it is assisted or what... the weight is same as original....