Coins Of Malaysia-Parliament House And Bunga Raya Series

Few years ago, an English gentleman wrote a letter to Bob Chew of Eastern Stamps, Coins and Antiques.He wanted help to complete his collection of Malaysia coins from 1967-2002 and he wanted only coins in circulated condition. To cut the story short, Master.Tan Tai Seng volunteered to help as he needed to complete his own collection. He got the help of other collectors and with some difficultly managed to complete this English gentlement wanted list.

However, Mr.Tan Tai Seng could not proceed very much with his own collection as he only wanted the coins in uncirculated condition. He believed that the modern Malaysia coins are badly neglected and only a few collect them in those day.
The "collect for fun" collectors are no longer around. Most of the coin dealers do not have the Malaysia coins in stock. As there is no demand and no collectors for the coins during then, they think these modern coins are not profitable to carry. Mr.Tan had to depend on friends and other collectors. Most of the earlier dates of the Parliament House in uncirculated condition are difficult to find even in those days. The really difficult ones are 1cent 1968, 1970, 1973 (steel-clad), 1976 (copper), 5cents 1976, 20cents 1969 and 50cents 1969.They also discovered  die variety - 1cent, 5cents and 10cents 1973 without GC (the initials of the designer Geoffery Colins).

The Bunga Raya series are not easy to come by in uncirculated condition, International Stamp and Coin Sdn Bhd has assembled 2000 sets of 1989 and 1990. The years 1993, 1994, 1995 and 1996 are difficult. The really difficult dates are 10cents and 20cents 1994, 50cents 1995 and the one Ringgit coin 1996. Incidentally the RM1 coins ended in 1996.

The varieties are many and the major once found in those days are :
1)  The dark steel band (clad) which covers part of the rim of the 1cents copper coins are found in 1989,  
     1990, 1991 and a few in 1992. Most of the 1992 and subsequent dates the dark band is not seen.
2)  There is a "saple" under the Bunga Raya on some of the 50cents 1992.
3)  Coins in 1996 are found in two conditions: Uncirculated and proof-like. Someone said that the Proof-like      coins were minted on planchets from Korea.
4)  The planchets of $1 coins came from Canada (1989-1994) and Chile (1995-1996).

Some collectors have asked me to include an exchange coins scheme, their want lists are 1cent 1968 and 1970, 20cents 1969,1970,78 and 50cents 1969.

Do write to me and also say if you have discovered something new. If you have not started on the series, my advice is to start now and you may, with some luck, be able to collect a beautiful uncirculated set.

Be happy as a numismatist in collecting coins.

The King of hobbies and hobby of Kings !

Source: Master Tan Tai Seng


  1. Gd afternoon
    Am v keen on errors and varieties coins.At regular intervals will exchange for coins of various denominations at the banks.Being a retiree i am able to spend some time going thro them.Lately think i found 6 varieties of 50 sen 2005 bunga raya series coin. Need your confirmation so will drop by your store one day.
    Coins it ok to house coins directly into the albums or to keep them in square coin cardboard holders and then into the albums. Your advice is appreciated.
    Have a nice day

  2. Hi QPS,
    Happy to know that you are still actively collecting errors and varieties coins.Hope to view your collections in your next visit to my shop.

    It is not so ok to house coins directly into the albums.Always best to keep them in square coin cardboard holders and then store them into the albums.

    Happy Niewmismatic!