Malaysia Parliament Series 1988 20 Cents Rotated Die Error Coin.
CW/CCW180 Degree.
Rotated Die Errors.
This is the result of improperly installed dies or loose,moving dies.On Malaysia Parliament coins series,the die alignment should be such that when you flip a coin vertically the design on the reverse is supposed to be in the upright position.If it is not,then one or both of the dies is rotated from its normal position in the coining press.
 Malaysia.Parliament.1988.20 Cents.Rotated Die errors.CW/CCW 180 Degree.Reverse.
Rotation is measured in degrees either clockwise or counter-clockwise,and rotation of less than 15 degrees on 20th century coinage is still common.However,there are some examples with significant rotation,any die rotation between 90 degrees to 180 degrees are considered very rare,which are worth a decent and sometimes hefty premium.
 Malaysia.Parliament.1988.20 Cents.Rotated Die errors.CW/CCW 180 Degree.Obverse.
Can you have a rotation greater than 180 degrees? Well is yes and no. There are two different taught of "schools" of die rotation measurement. One of them starts from the "proper position" and measures the offset and specifies whether the rotation is in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. Under this system 180 degrees is the maximum possible.
The other system measures from the starting point but only in a clockwise rotation. So in that system if the top of the coin is supposed to be at the 12:00 position but instead it is at 9:00 it would be said to have a 270 degree rotation.

THE second system is said to be the older of the two systems, but I think the first one is more widely used today.


  1. Hi Dickson,
    Still remember the rotated die put up in the previous auction was not bid.
    Anyway, you are right, not easy to come by a 180 degree rotated die nowadays.
    Thanks a lot for sharing, Dickson :)

  2. Hi Mr Dickson,
    Depankanta bersetuju dgn kiraan 180 darjah sebagai darjah maksima rotated die.Walaupun sudut penuh bulatan adalah 360 darjah tapi untuk kiraan darjah error pada syiling mengambil kira kedudukan imej asal yg tegak sebagai 0 darjah,jadi kiraan bermula dari separuh bahagian syiling hingga maksima 180 darjah samada CW atau CCW..ini hanya pendapat depankanta..
    Terima kasih banyak2,perkongsian yg sangat menarik.

  3. Dear whycollect,
    Recently,I flipped through another many thousands of Malaysia coins,no sign of CW/CCW 180 degree of Rotated Die Errors.Found some minor Rotated Die Errors but all were in VF condition!
    If you come across any Major Rotated Die Errors in UNC condition, regardless which series,must get it!Don't ever think twice.With the latest state of art minting technology,Rotated Die Errors and other mint errors are almost impossible.

  4. depankanta,
    Pada saya tak ada sesuatu yang termaktub,pasti ada cabaran dan pembangkangnya!
    Tak peruli cara kiraan yang mana satu dipakai, yang pasti ialah peminat error dan kita sendiri menghargainya!

  5. Hi Dickson,
    Wow, thanks a lot for the useful tip.
    No wonder haven't come across any for quite a long time.
    Yes, agree with you that major errors are getting increasingly tough to get.
    Haha, we were lucky to have wet our feet and even got laughed at during the earlier years.
    Still remember once we bought a specimen from a coin exchange center while exchanging some coins, the clerk asked us "why you like to keep all these coins ar...got value meh?"
    We politely answered, " what to do, just like them, also don't know why."
    Honestly deep inside us, our reply was merely a good social gesture as we cannot blame non-collectors from having such opinions, just like we got a group of friends who are into very serious macro photography, where they used to speak their own language which only they themselves understand, yet others can still enjoy their beautiful works.
    Such is the immense pleasure that one can derive from a hobby while others don't, yet the hobbyist involved should not be despair but be patient with the sincere hope that one day, others will realise the benefits that can be derived from the hobby.
    Thank you so much for all your guidance, Dickson :)

  6. Dear Whycollect,
    My experience,good mint errors only available from earlier mint errors collectors!

  7. Hi Mr. Dickson..
    saya ada satu 50 sen rotated die errors..saya tak pasti dan tak tahu darjah errornya...yang pasti kalau ikut pusingan jam bangunan perlimen berada dalam kedudukan jam 8.00..berapa kiraan darjahnya?thanks for information..

  8. Hi fakkahqarsh,
    Kalau ikut pusingan jam bangunan perlimen berada dalam kedudukan jam 8.00.ia adalah CW 125 degree.
    Happy Niewmismatic.