Malaysia Bunga Raya Series 1 Cent (1991 To 2007) Full Brockage Error Coin.

A brockage occurs when a coin is struck and then sticks to usually the bottom die.Then a new planchet is fed in and struck.The original coin that was stuck then acts as a sort of die and leaves an incuse reverse image on the other side of the second coin.

Malaysia.1991-2007.1 Cent.Obverse.Full Brockage Errors.
A brockage error can only occur when there are two coins involved. One of the coins involved will always be a struck coin which has not ejected properly. That struck coin will find its way back between the dies and will be struck next to a blank planchet which was fed into the collar. The image of that first struck coin will be impressed into that side of the blank planchet. The result will be a second coin which has images of the first coin impressed into it. Those images will be pressed into the coin and the image will be in reverse. This incuse sunken image is known as a brockage.
Malaysia.1991-2007.1 Cent.Reverse.Full Brockage Errors
Brockages can be found which are miss-aligned and partial. The most sought after type are the "full" or "mirror" brockage, where the image is fully centred and a mirror of the opposite side.


  1. Hi Dickson,
    Phiit...nice brockage.
    Wonder why most brockage occur on the obverse?
    Thanks a lot for sharing, Dickson ;)

  2. Hi Whycollect,
    Brockage occurs both on obverse and reverse!Equal chances!Some said that usually is on the bottom die.

  3. As I understand it, most full brockages will display 2 images of the Bottom Die. This is because a previously struck coin can more easily become stuck to, and cover, the Upper Die, which is usually raised out of the way as a new planchet is pushed into the chamber.
    Please see


  4. Here is a Straits Settlement obverse brockage -

    Sorry about the damage. (Sometimes I buy a coin when a better example is no-where to be seen).


  5. Hi Bill Snyder,
    Yes Bill you were right! Most of the full brockage errors will display double images,but sometime it only displayed one image on one side of a coin when two balnk planchets were fed by the feeder into the minting press at the same time!Then the obverse design may be struck on the upper planchet and the reverse design will be struck by the bottom die on the lower planchet.(May also be called Full Indent Strike Errors)
    If if can get both pieces as a set,wau!a lot of premiums can be added!

  6. Bill,
    Viewed your good specimen!
    Thank you for sharing.Cheers!