In Celebration 50 Years Of Nationhood With Air Asia.

This medallion was dated year 2007,but for past 5 years, I have never heard and never come a cross of this medallion, a medallion minted by The Royal Mint of Shah Alam and distributed by Air Asia in celebration of 50 years of Nationhood of Malaysia. This medallion card carry a theme of "Take a piece of history with you.....".

Front cover is a portrait of  Malaysia first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj and a medallion. Back cover is Air Asia's logo and theme 'Now Everyone Can Fly".

Front And Back Cover
Page 1 & 2.
Page 3 & 4.
Page 5 & 6.
Page 7 & 8.
Page 9 & 10.
Medallion .2007.Obverse

My friend bought this medallion card on board of Air Asia aircraft in the mid air!
And year 2007 also is the year of Visit Malaysia.


  1. Hi Dickson,
    Wow, first time seeing this medallion too.
    Haha, would be nice if we can get hold of this because it fits into our theme of collection for medallions.
    We love to collect medallions issued by the official mints.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this interesting medallion, Dickson:)

  2. Beautiful medallion. I am not a medallion collector but the design and the name "Airasia" on it, make it a very good collectibles piece. Wish one day BNM will produce Airasia coins for collector and this piece will surely become a must have to complete the Airasia series.
    I also wish Royalmint (Kilang Wang) will be active producing coins like the old days.
    Thanks you very very much bro. [",]

  3. Good info as usual Mr. Dickson, I never heard and seen one I know! TQ

  4. tumpang lalu, cantiknya Medallion ni, mahal ke.. ada lebih tak?

  5. Hi whycollect,
    I suggest you hunt down among your friends who traveled with Air Asia in year 2007,you may get a good chance to find one!haha!

  6. Dear Lunaticg,
    Kena simpan baik-baik ya walaupun 'not a medallion collector'!
    Keep a piece for 'Dragon Kid' is a good idea.

  7. Hi Danny,
    Next trip visit me again,travel with Air Asia you must try to ask any old stocks left,BNM always got old stock, may be.....

  8. Anonymous,
    Mahal? Beli dalam pesawat Air Asia dalam langit,8,000 meter tinggi,berbaloilah.Nasi lemak pun sudah kena bayar RM9.90!
    Stock: Unique.

  9. Hi kay mustaffa,
    Sorry, the total mintage of medallions are always not available!