Singapore First Series 1967 50 Cents With Rim Clip Errors.


Singapore  Mint is well known for its stringent control over the quality of coins minted by them, hence there were very few error coins escaped from their mint.

I have been keeping my eyes open looking  for Singapore coins with errors, be it major error or minor to add into my error coins collection.

Singapore. 1967. 50 Cents.Rim Clip Errors. Reverse.
Singapore. 1967. 50 Cents.Rim Clip Errors. Obverse.
I am very please and glad to own this Singapore first series 1967 50 Cents in uncirculated (UNC) condition with Rim Clip Planchet Errors. A clipped planchet may also be straight, curved, ragged, or elliptical.


  1. Tumpang lalu, Salam 1 Malaysia, BOSS

    Terbaik lah Boss, saya cukup suka siling siri pertama MALAYSIA,BRUNEI & SINGAPORE.


  2. Hi Dickson,
    Wow, a nice clip indeed.
    Yes, not easy to find errors among the Sing coins.
    Congratulations :)

  3. Hi @Sme68PG.,
    Saya pun sama-sama suka!
    Penempaannya di buat di London Mint,qualitynya pun best!!

  4. Hi Whycollect,
    If you visit the latest Mavin Auction Singapore error coins,there were being auctioned off with very good premium prices!

  5. Hi Dickson,
    Yes, we did notice their high premiums.
    In fact, some time back, we used to see an online seller by the name of sycee selling lots of Sing errors and also of other countries including Malaysia but now its no more found in the net.
    Wonder what happen to him and his error coins?
    We still find this animal series the best among the Sing coins so far.
    Hope you will be able to get more of these wonderful Sing errors, Dickson ;)