1980-1986 CHINA COINS

1980-1986 CHINA COINS 
1-JIAO, 2-JIAO, 5-JIAO, and 1-YUAN 

Prior to 1980, China coinage consisted of only the 1-Fen, 2-Fen and 5-Fen denominated coins. 1980 saw the introduction of these four higher-denomination coins,1-JIAO, 2-JIAO, 5-JIAO, and 1-YUAN 

Yong Ah Lee Collection
Yong Ah Lee Collection
A few of these coins are extremely rare. For example, the only coins produced in 1986 were made solely for proof sets. There were only 660 proof coins of each denomination made that year. Additionally, the 1985 2-Jiao was only made in proof condition, of which there were only 4,825 made.

Yong Ah Lee Collection

1980 Chinese mint set was issued in a blue or black vinyl wallet. The 1981 mint set was issued in a similarly designed red vinyl wallet.

Yong Ah Lee Collection
Yong Ah Lee Collection
There were very few 1982 coins produced for general circulation, and uncirculated 1982 coins are rare, even though proofs are available. For these reasons, there are a very limited number of complete sets possible, and building a complete set is a challenge.

The copper-zinc composition of the Jiao coins is prone to spotting and unattractive toning if the coins are not taken care of properly. However, the opposite is also true -- well struck coins that have been carefully handled and stored can be incredibly beautiful. Gem coins of any date are exceedingly scarce.

The 2-Jiao coin was discontinued after 1986. The 5-Jiao coin had a design and composition change after 1986 and was then discontinued after the year 2000. The 1-Jiao and 1-Yuan coins had several design changes and are still minted today.


  1. Hi Dickson,
    Ya, these Jiao coins in top grades are hard to come by nowadays.
    Even the uncirculated 70s and earlier fens are not easy to come by nowadays.
    Love these coins a lot :D

  2. Good morning whycollect,
    Just collected a set of 1982 China coins but without the official packing,wonder how much it will affect its market value.
    Although they are set of small denominations compare to China silver proof sets,but since there are still in mint condition,the excitement still thrilling.
    For your first hand information,MNS is doing the authentication today (Saturday)on submitted items for our next Auction.This coming Auction 152 will be more interesting with more items on coins,errors and curious.
    Happy week end.

  3. Hi Dickson,
    Good morning to you too.
    And congratulations on getting the '82 set.
    Oh, guess may affect a little without the official packing.
    But really don't know about the Chinese.
    Seen quite a number of these coins esp the Jiao coins with dark spots but still fetching good prices in the online auctions in China.
    We have got 3 sets of these '82 proofs so far and we are actually collecting them separately,i.e. the coins sealed individually and separated from the empty official package which consists of a transparent plastic coins holder and paper folder.
    In fact we are quite worried about these transparent plastic coin folders of the earlier years which could have been made of PVC.
    So even in this case we are not taking any chance though it is a hard but malleable plastic folder.
    By the way, thanks a lot for the wonderful info on the coming MNS auction.
    Its indeed great to see you guys doing such a good job to make every auction a success.
    Happy week end to you and family too, Dickson :)