Malaysia Bunga Raya  2005 50 Cents With Misaligned Die (MAD) Errors.

A MAD die clash occurs when an obverse and reverse die strike each other while misaligned in relation to each other.

MisAligned Dies or MAD for short are error coins that have one side slightly off-center compared to the other because the dies struck in a misaligned position.The coin enters the collar and a die from above (hammer die) hits the coin and simultaneously the pressure causes the bottom die (anvil die) to leave an impression on the coin. If the hammer die is slightly off in position,the obverse (with denomination) and rim would be slightly off center and the front (Obverse) would be in normal position. Many MAD varieties exist but this is not the most common. It is most common amongst the 5 Cents and 10 Cents,small size is partially to blame. Finding them in all coins is possible but the 5 Cents  and 10 Cents coins are most obvious.

Unless the misalignment causes part of the design shows an obvious looked of off center in position other wise it has no extra value. Only extreme misaligned dies have real value.

Ignoring the eBay sales of these common coins they are not popular among collectors if minor or heavily circulated.


  1. Hi Mr. Dickson,
    Saya ada memiliki sekeping adik-beradik syiling ini. Tetapi saya namakan sebagai Off Centre. Adakah Off Centre error juga dikenali sebagai MAD atau sebaliknya?

  2. Wow ...thanks for sharing ....i had 2pcs 1997 50cents with extra dot btw "0" and "N" .....

  3. Hi nsdk,
    MAD biasa sebelah nampak off center tetapi sebelah lagi nampak biasa sahaja.