Silver Coin Toning - What is Toning on a Coin? 

Today I received a visit from one of my Blog frequent visitor; Mr.Wanscorpion from Penang to my Dickson Niew Collection Corner at Subang Jaya. He brought along two albums of coins which he inherited from his late father for me to do authentication.

Among the coins,I was attracted to a 1848 Nederlanden 2 1/2 Gulden Silver coin. Although this coin has a "about very fine" grade, but it  has a beautiful rainbow toning on the surface of the coin.

Toning is a term or coin terminology to describe the tarnish or light patina that forms on the surface of the metal due to exposure to environmental agents or toxins.

Sometimes, silver coins develop an incredibly beautiful, and highly sought after, rainbow toning.In America, silver coins collectors are willing to pay extra premium for silver coin with natural rainbow toning.

Mr.Wanscorpion was very kind to allow me to take a few photo images so that I can share with my Blog visitors and keen silver coins collectors.

It has been quite a while for me to find a silver coin with a nice rainbow toning. Most of the time,the natural patina was cleaned away by collectors with a silver-dip solution,hence tarnish the original silver toning.

Warning: If you have toned coins, don't try to clean them!

12:48 PM (11 hours ago)

to dickson niew
Oh..What a surprise after I have seen your post.
An indeed very informative and useful for numismatists.
Thanks for using my coin in your post.


  1. Hi Dickson,

    The natural Toning is not easily form by nature & I come across some is actually man made. Is that any way to differentiate this?

    By the way just to share my collection with rainbow toning.

  2. Thanks Dickso to share this information with us.
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