Malaysia Bunga Raya Series 2002 50 Cents Coin With Filled Die Errors


I am lucky to inherit from one of face book coin collector a piece of Malaysia Bunga Raya series 50 Cents coin minted in year 2002 with a very obvious filled die errors exhibited on the reverse of the coin.

Top position 9 o'clock to 3 o'clock the legend "BANK NEGARA MALAYSIA", alphabets in red are missing, at 6 o'clock position the "SEN",alphabet "N" is missing too.

In the Mint factory,during the process of minting coins, it has its share of dirt, grease,lubricants, metal filings, pieces of cloth, metal fragments, wire, slivers of reeding, oil, wire bristles (from wire brushes used to clean dies, resembling staples), die covers and other objects may fall between the dies and the coin.. The recessed areas of the dies sometimes fill up with a combination of this foreign material, preventing the metal of the coins from flowing into the incused areas. This results in weak designs or missing design details.

The Filled Die Error coin is one of the most common types of errors. Filled-die coins are a form of Struck Through Error.The most collectible struck-through errors are those with the foreign object still embedded in the surface of the coin.


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