Malaysia 3rd Series 2012 10 Cents With Die Crack Error


10 sen 
Orang Asli Motif 

The 'orang asli' (aboriginal tribes) of Malaysia are talented in weaving indigenous leaves and plants into decorative items such as headbands, sashes and skirts for traditional rituals and ceremonies. Each tribe have their own weave pattern that is often inspired by their belief system and surrounding environment. On the new 10 sen coin, this heritage is represented by the unique weave pattern of the Mah Meri tribe in Peninsular Malaysia.

Technical Specifications
Alloy: Stainless Steel
Diameter (mm): 18.80
Weight (gram): 2.98

Die Crack Error Coins.
These coins exhibit raised irregular lines as a result of a crack in the die.
A die crack occurs when a die, after being subjected to immense pressure during the minting process, cracks, causing a small gap in the die.If this damaged die cointinues to produce coins, the metal will fill into the crack, thus revealing a raised line of metal in the finished coin. Specimens with more prominent die cracks can command a high premium and are valued greatly by some collectors.


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