Forgery Malaya Board Of Commissioners For Currency 1941 $1.00

I would like to thank Mr.Tan of Taman KSB Heights of Mentakab,Pahang for making an effort to send me this forgery Malaya Board Of Commissioners For Currency 1-7-1941 $1.00.The original note is signatured by H.Weisberg and printed by Waterlow & Sons Limited,London.Carried the prefix numbers of A to R.

This forgery note carry the prefix numbers of P/88 005937, the lion watermark can be seen quite clearly but it was indicated as a forgery note with a red line printed slanting at the right-bottom of obverse and reverse of the note.

Although a forgery note worth nothing but as a collector of forgery coins and banknotes, I sincerely appreciate and thankful to Mr.Tan for his kindness to part his long keeping collection to me.


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