Malaysia Parliament Series Forgery 1967 20 Cents Coin.


I was stunned when a very senior Malaysia numismatist showed me two pieces of forgery Malaysia Parliament series 1967 20 cents coins. Who will do such a low face value forgery coins? How much of profit can they make? Why they took so much of trouble and risk to produce forgery 20 cents coins and why not forgery 50 cents coins?

When he told me he collected them since 1967,then it makes me to think and agreed that it is possible to do so because during then a piece of roti canai or a big packet of nasi lemak only sold for 20 cents.
20 cents can buy a bottle of 330ml Coca-cola,my daily school pocket money was only 10 cents.The value of 20 cents was "big" in the 70's.

This 20 cents forgery coin was made of lead, weight at 4.45gm (normal 5.65gm), plain edge. I was considered myself very lucky because this very senior numismatist allowed me to inherit a piece of his collection. Thank you very much sir!


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