Malaysia Parliament  Series 1984 Double Struck Mint Errors And Undated Reverse Die Cap Fragment Mint Errors.

Two pieces of Malaysia One Sen mint errors were encapsulated in a single capsule.This is my first encountered of such packaging by NGC of  US grading house.
Both mint errors were graded with MS (Mint State).The 1984 one sen with Double Struck was graded with MS64RB (Red Brown) and another undated sen with Reverse Die Cap Fragment was graded with MS62RB (Red Brown).
However, that is an "error" on the capsule of this NGC encapsulation.The  watermarks, microprinting, fused holograms sticker on the reverse of the capsule was stuck in an inverted position. I was wondering, should I send this NGC graded capsule to her rival PCGS to grade.It may comes back with "NGC Encapsulation Errors" grading.
Off-Center Double Struck coin is a coin that was struck more than once.
First strikes,it was struck as a perfect coin with full details. Because it was not ejected properly after having been struck and falls partially inside the collar again, it was struck the second time at Off-Center position, this is how we get the Off-Center Double Struck Error coins.This Malaysia 1984 1Sen Off-Center Struck Double coin was struck with full date.

Reverse Die Cap Fragment (Obverse Die Cap In Malaysia Royal Mint)
This error develops when a newly-struck coin adheres to the anvil die. The anvil, or bottom die, functioned as the reverse die through most of the Mint’s history.Beginning in 1992, there was a gradual changeover to a setup in which the obverse die functioned as the anvil die.
Most reverse die caps are struck out-of-collar and take the form of enormously expanded broadstrikes.

The first planchet struck after formation of the cap will be left with a clear, complete brockage of the reverse design on the obverse face. Subsequent brockages will be increasingly expanded, distorted, and incomplete.


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