MNS AUCTION No.156 30-6-2013  

CAUGHT You On Camera ! 
Early Birds Hoping For Good "Worms"
Meeting Old Sifu
Ready For Brisk Business
Setting Up Bourse Tables
Mr.Chang Is Looking At a Coin That Caught His Attention.
Meeting Numismatic Friends.
Looked Like Mr. Chang Got A Deal Done.
Delear To Dealer Talk. Tan vs Lim
We Are Ready!
Penangnite vs Penangnite
Viewing Session About To Be Ready
Viewing Session In Progress.
Take A Good Look
Take A Thorough Look
Checking... Viewing....Comparing.....
Huh! Here Is Lim Beng Hoe (Green T-Shirt)
K H Lim From North- Sg Petani (Grey T-Shirt)
Guess ! Who Is That In Blue T-Shirt
A Group Of Serious Buyers !
The Guy In Light Blue T-Shirt-New But Serious Numismatist
We Used To Call Him "The Cake Man".Looking At The Auction List.
Auction Ready To Commence
To Be Continued................
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