MNS AUCTION No.156 30-6-2013  
CAUGHT You On Camera ! And More...........
Lot No.1 Sold To Bid Number 29....
Members Of MNS Were Ready.
New Faces. Young But Dynamic!!
This Beautiful Lady Is Bidding Through Her iPhone ?
Second Half.
A Group Of Serious Bidders
Cool Tan And The Kuantan Gang
Siapa Yang Berbaju Kemeja-T Merah Itu ? Terima Kasih Kerana Sudi Datang.
"KEMARUK" Is Everywhere. Syabas !
Pak Haji, Cukup Support.
"Double Yip" In Action. With Dealer Mr. Wong Peng Fun And KH Lim
Dealer CT Tan Smiling Away. Business Should Be Good !
Guess! Who Is Hidding Behind ? Answer: Senior Numismatist Kenny Ong From Melaka.
These are the Senior Numismatists
One Of The Most Senior Numismatist,Mr Yeoh.
Successful Bidders. Time To Pay.... 
To view the realised prices, you are invited to visit my Blog: Niewmismatic Error Coins. These are the links:


  1. Ha ha ha. Thanks for posting my beautiful wife n son on yr blog. My beautiful wife is the one making a bid with the iphone. Probably bidding for lot 20 - Nederland Indies 1/2 cents 1945.Surin

  2. Hi There's more to life ...
    She was trying to inform me not to bid for you...