Terengganu Sultanate Tin Coinage Half Cent 1325 A.H. (1907)(SS19)

Rarity: RRR/UNC
This was another piece of Terengganu tin coin  that I received together with the Terengganu Ten Keping tin coin from my customer who wanted me to arrange for the service of encapsulation.It was another piece of 106 years old of Terengganu tin coin that astonished me by its condition. It is an uncirculated tin coin.

I also seek the help of  Master Tan Tai Seng and Master Haji Mohd Rani for its authenticity, they were confirmed that it is an original Terengganu Ten Keping tin coin.

However, with its exceptionally good condition, Master Tan Tai Seng is suspecting that it may be a piece of Restrike Terengganu Half Cent tin coin that was minted from the original mould.Many of such restrike half cent tin coin were made in the early 1970's.
On the obverse, within a dotted circle, it was written in Jawi " Kerajaan Terengganu 1325" (State of Terengganu 1325 A.H.) which is equivalent to 1907. The initials in Jawi in the border are "S*Z*A*" means of (S)ultan (Z)ainal (A)bidin that were separated by stars.On the reverse,the figure "1/2" is within a dotted circle.A wreath of leaves was in the border.It was a milled edge tin coin.Weight at 2.67gm and measured 23mm as its diameter.The composition is tin.


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