Malaysia Parliament House Series 1982 5 Cents Coin With Extra Two "DOTS".
On 28-5-2012, I had posted an article on my Blog about FORGERY DOT ON 1982 5 CENTS,
then on 12-6-2013, I wrote an other article about FORGERY DOT ON 1982 5 CENTS-UPDATES followed by 11-8-2013,one more article about this Malaysia Parliament House Series 1982 5 Cents
On 29th September 2013, in our Malaysia Numismatic Society Auction 157, this "Dot Variety" item was sold at a realised price of RM320.It was bidded by a very senior collector.
Malaysia Numismatic Society Auction No.157  29th September 2013. Museum Negara.Special Preview.Lots:102 To 125.
103    1       Malaysia 5 Cents 1982 (dot variety)                UNC        160
                                                                                  Realised: RM 320
Read more: http://dniewcollectors.blogspot.com/2013/09/mns-auction-no157-lot102-to-lot-125.html#ixzz2hYbirMEb
Here, I would like to share with you a similar 1982 5 Cents  "Dot Variety"  but instead of one "DOT", it has two "DOTS".One "DOT" is located at its usual location, on the building of the Parliament House.An other "DOT" was found near the star with the new moon.
Actually, it was the derivation of a Die Gouge.It was started as a tiny gouge on the working die but it was not rectify.The continuous  usage of the die with die gouges formed dots on the coins.The "DOTS" enlarged and became bigger and bigger until it can be seen with a naked eyes.

If you have a uncirculated piece of 1982 5 Cents with "DOT", put them under 10 times magnifying glass, you should be able to spot some small tiny patches of "DOTS" next to the "DOT" on the building of Parliament House and more tiny "DOTS" near the new moon and the star, few more tiny "DOTS" above the base of the building on the right.
The second "DOT" on my 1982 5 Cents coin,it was the enlargement of one of the tiny "DOT" near the star.It happened when the broken dies go unattended for long periods of time, the Die Gouge grows worse and worse, leaving larger and larger malformations "DOT" on the struck coins.


  1. Dickson, from the photograph it seems to me the dot on Parliament House is actually a circular depression. Recently, I acquired a 50 Sen 1984 coin in UNC with a circular depression on Parliament House as well as near the S of Sen on the reverse side. The circular depression is very visible without a magnifying glass. I also have the dot (raised mark) for the 1979 and 1988 50 Sen coin but this is the first time I have seen such a circular depression on both side of a 50 Parliament House coin.

  2. Hi Anonymous,
    Your 50 Sen 1984 coin in UNC with a circular depression on Parliament House as well as near the S of Sen on the reverse side could be the result of a Strike Through Error. My 1982 5 Sen is comfirmed with two raised "DOTS".

  3. Dear Dickson, thank you very much for the answer. I wish more collectors or hobbyists would contribute by sharing their experience here to enable Dickson to create a data bank to enrich this very rewarding hobby (or long-term investments for serious collectors).

  4. Hi Anonymous
    Thank you and welcome all constructive comments to better my Blog.I promised to do my lever best and share my experiences with you all.